Pacific Masters Coach Of The Year 2020 Award Presentation

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Coach Donita Flecker

USMS Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Award 2022

USMS Kerry O'Brien Coaches Award 2021

Pacific Masters Swimming Coach Of The Year 2020

Coach Donita has been coaching Masters Swimmers for over 10 years. She founded and established the SMAC team in 2013, making it an official club under the umbrella of the US Masters Swimming National Organization. By competing regularly with her team in swim meets and open water events, Donita leads by example and sets the standard for camaraderie and achievement.  Her best strokes are freestyle and backstroke. When not coaching Masters, Coach Donita dedicates her time as the Head Swim coach for the students at her former high school, Montgomery High in Santa Rosa, CA. Coach Donita is currently working to obtain her teaching credential and enjoys working as a lifeguard at Ives Pool. In her free time Donita likes to swim, bike, read books about swimming and hang out with her cats.

USMS Top 10 Swimming Achievements:

2021 SCM Women 200 Butterfly (35-39) -  3:42.19 (10th Place)

2021 SCM Women 800 Freestyle (35-39) - 13:16.08 (8th Place)

2019 LCM Mixed 400 Free Relay (200+)  - 5:06.71 (9th Place)

2013 SCM Mixed 400 Medley Relay (120+) - 5:20.55 (9th Place)

USMS Service & Recognition:

USMS Level 1, 2, 3 Certified Masters Coach

USMS Adult Learn-To-Swim Certified Instructor

USMS Recognized Coach 2014-Present

USMS Coaches Committee Member 2022-Present

USMS Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member 2019-2021