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Adult Learn-to-Swim Lessons
Hosted by Sebastopol Masters Aquatic Club

Sebastopol Masters Aquatic Club's certified Adult Learn-to-Swim instructors and volunteers will be offering low cost Adult Learn-to-Swim (ALTS) lessons during April 2022! 

This outstanding community outreach program is for adults with little to no swimming experience. Whether you are afraid of the water, or just never had a chance to learn, we will help you feel safe and enjoy being in the water. Our instructors will guide you through the U.S. Masters Swimming ALTS curriculum at your own pace. 


The program will cover: 

  • relaxed breathing basics

  • front and back float, glide and kick

  • freestyle with breathing

  • deep water entry/exit

  • treading water

  • other swim strokes


Program Details 

We will offer two sessions. Each session includes eight classes. Session dates will be held every Saturday (4/9/22-5/14/22). We ask that our participants commit to a full session on all dates.

  • Session 1: 4:00-4:45pm (4/9/22-5/14/22)

  • Session 2: 4:45-5:30pm (4/9/22-5/14/22)

What To Bring 





$40.00. Registration includes six, 45-minute lessons, a snorkel and swim cap.



Ives Pool, 7400 Willow Street, Sebastopol, CA



Volunteers needed! Registered U.S. Masters swimmers may volunteer for this program. Sign up with your availability here


Contact e.hektner@gmail.com