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Through a fun and encouraging environment, Sebastopol Masters promotes lifelong friendships, while staying fit and healthy through fun workouts, pool meets and open water events. Sebastopol Masters strives to be the best that we can be and “The Little Team That Could” with big heart and enthusiasm.

Latest News

Happy 10th Birthday Sebastopol Masters!

Join Us As We Celebrate 10 Years!

No SMAC Practice Memorial Day, Monday 5/29

ALL SWIMMERS: Must registered with USMS or fill out 30-day Trial Membership Form (for insurance purposes)

NEW: Now accepting Venmo (with small fee). See Coach for more details!

SMAC SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Needing assistance to join Masters? SMAC has a variety of options to help others join our practices. See Coach Donita for more info!

COACH DONITA'S USELESS BIT OF INFORMATION: You can't hunt camels in Arizona. While this law may seem useless, it was once totally necessary! Because camels did in fact populate the Arizona desert back in the 1800's after they were brought to the U.S. by the military.  


Masters swimming is a journey! Sebastopol Masters Aquatic Club welcomes adult swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to join our team! If you're looking for a FUN Masters team to join, then SMAC is the place for you! 

Sebastopol Masters Welcomes and Encourages:

  • All levels of swimmers from fitness swimmers to triathletes

  • Learning competitive stroke techniques and drills

  • Training to increase your speed and endurance

  • FUN by meeting new friends and workout partners

Not USMS Registered? No Problem!
Try Masters Swimming For 30 Days! 
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Upcoming Events

May 1-June 30: Distance Fly Postal - (ALB) (Deadline - July 15. 2023)


June 1-September 30, 2023: PacMasters 8 Bridges Virtual Swim

June 3, 2023: Lake Berryessa - (DAM) (Lake Berryessa, CA) (Deadline - May 31, 2023)

June 17, 2023: QuickSilver Fast & Free LCM Meet - (PAC) (San Jose, CA) (Deadline - June 15, 2023)

July 9, 2023: Silver State LC Meet - (SNM) (Carson City, NV) (Registration coming soon!)

July 21-23, 2023: PacMasters Long Course Championships - (MAQ) (Novato, CA) (Registration coming soon!)

July 29-30, 2023: Santa Cruz Open Water Weekend - (CRUZ) (Santa Cruz, CA) (Registration coming soon!)

August 1-31: 400 Fastest Pull for Sebastopol ePostal - (SMAC) (Deadline - September 14, 2023)

August 2-6, 2023: USMS Summer Nationals - (USMS) (Sarasota, FL) (Registration coming soon!) 

August 12, 2023: Donner Lake - (SNM) (Deadline - August 1, 2023)

August 26-27, 2023: Del Valle Open Water Festival - (TVM) (Livermore, CA) (Registration coming soon!)

September 10, 2023: Whiskeytown Open Water Swims - (RST) (Redding, CA) (Registration coming soon!)

September 17, 2023: Keller Cove Swim for Kids' Sake - (RPM) (Richmond, CA) (Registration coming soon!)

October 6-8, 2023: Kerry O'Brien Short Course Meters Championships - (WCM) (Walnut Creek, CA) (Registration coming soon!)

Swimmer Bios
Marc Nadeau

Meet Marc! Marc is one of SMAC's newest members. He started out coming to practices on occasion and has now been a regular during these cold months! Marc attended his first Masters meet recently and is hooked! He's looking to start get a Trans Tahoe Relay 2023 team together so don't hesitate to introduce yourself if interested! Marc learns something new at every practice and his favorite wine is pinot noir.    

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